Monday, February 29, 2016

What to do when you're missing a piece of technology

I’m in Memphis.  I left my iPad in my car at the airport. 

Normally my morning routine is set up nicely:

1.      Read the Bible.
2.      Update my gratitude log (at least 3 items every morning).
3.      Journal
4.      Review my dream board.
5.      Affirmations.
6.      Record my daily goals and the day ahead.

All six items are set up on a single screen on my iPad.  I can do them quickly.

The key isn’t to do the exact same things I would have done on my iPad (the producti, but to do the same amount of productive things.

The Bible app is on my iPhone as well.  The journal, dream board and goals can be reached from my laptop as well as my iPad.  Affirmations are from the Ziglar website and can be set up as a desktop link on my laptop.

The gratitude app I use doesn’t save to the cloud.  I’ve been burned by this before (when I upgraded my iPad).  It might be time to find a new one.  That is something worthwhile that I can do today.  If I don’t have the time (because the other worthwhile activities have higher priority) I can write my gratitude log right here:

1.      I’m grateful for my iPad.  Sometimes not having something for a while lets you realize how much you use it.
2.      I’m grateful for direct flights from Cincinnati to Memphis. 
3.      For those times when I don’t have a direct flight – I’m grateful for the healthy dining options at the Atlanta airport.
4.      (Bonus)  I’m grateful for a chance to assess the things I was doing on the iPad and possibly find an even better way to do them.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Avoiding a heart attack - Get your FACTS straight

Statistics show that 30% of us will suffer a heart attack in our lifetime.  I'm one of those 30%. 

After looking closely at my life, I decided that - when it came to what I was putting in my body - I needed to get my FACTS straight:

F - Fats - specifically saturated fats.  I go for less than 10 g per day.
A - Alcohol - One glass of red wine per day.  I don't have a glass every day.  But if I miss a day, I don't get to have two the next day.
C - Caffeine - One cup of coffee per day.  And that's normal coffee and a small cup.  This was the biggest change I made.  Well, maybe (see also S, below).
T - Tobacco - None, ever.  Before the heart attack I had an occasional cigar.  No more.
S - Sodium - 1500 mg per day. 

It's not easy to watch 5 things all at once.  But it is easy to pick one.  (Easy to pick - but it will take work on whichever one you choose...)  Pick one and start managing it.  Work to the goal.  Then make it a habit.  Then pick your next one.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Start of the blog

Seth Godin says everyone should blog - every day.  Who am I to argue?  I did blog at one point - it was a historical list of all the failures in Cleveland sports.  On this Day in Cleveland sports history.  It's still out there (it was done under a pen name):

Just one fine example of what turned out to be 100s. 

But that wasn't my story.  That was a fun project.  It taught me about blogging, but it wasn't me.

This blog is me. 

And it's every day.

When will you start blogging?

And don't use the "Oh blogging is so early 2000s" excuse.  Get a blog and get going.

Avoiding (Another) Heart Attack: Things I can eat at a restaurant

Bob Evans:  Salmon, broccoli, baked potatoes.  Oatmeal during breakfast hours.

McDonald's:  Filet of Fish.  But... I swap out the McDonald's bun for Kroger low sodium bread.  Also I scrape off some of the excess tartar sauce.

Wendy's:  Fish sandwich.  Same deal on the bread.  I order their sandwich plain, because the fish is good enough to not need any tartar sauce.

Applebee's:  Not a damned thing.

Ruby Tuesday's:  Salmon, plain.  Or a petite sirloin.  Lots of items from their salad bar (I just stick with the fresh items).

Subway:  Six inch roast beef with all fresh vegetables.  Or a chopped salad with tuna.

Red Lobster:  Pretty much any of their fresh catch fish.  Baked potato with no salt (otherwise they roll it in salt).

Frisch's: Cincinnati chili - but I only eat half of it there (take half home).  I fill up on the fresh items on their salad bar.

La Rosa's:  Spaghetti with meat sauce dinner - But the kids get the breadsticks.  They give enough spaghetti for two meals.