Saturday, February 27, 2016

Avoiding (Another) Heart Attack: Things I can eat at a restaurant

Bob Evans:  Salmon, broccoli, baked potatoes.  Oatmeal during breakfast hours.

McDonald's:  Filet of Fish.  But... I swap out the McDonald's bun for Kroger low sodium bread.  Also I scrape off some of the excess tartar sauce.

Wendy's:  Fish sandwich.  Same deal on the bread.  I order their sandwich plain, because the fish is good enough to not need any tartar sauce.

Applebee's:  Not a damned thing.

Ruby Tuesday's:  Salmon, plain.  Or a petite sirloin.  Lots of items from their salad bar (I just stick with the fresh items).

Subway:  Six inch roast beef with all fresh vegetables.  Or a chopped salad with tuna.

Red Lobster:  Pretty much any of their fresh catch fish.  Baked potato with no salt (otherwise they roll it in salt).

Frisch's: Cincinnati chili - but I only eat half of it there (take half home).  I fill up on the fresh items on their salad bar.

La Rosa's:  Spaghetti with meat sauce dinner - But the kids get the breadsticks.  They give enough spaghetti for two meals.

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