Sunday, February 28, 2016

Avoiding a heart attack - Get your FACTS straight

Statistics show that 30% of us will suffer a heart attack in our lifetime.  I'm one of those 30%. 

After looking closely at my life, I decided that - when it came to what I was putting in my body - I needed to get my FACTS straight:

F - Fats - specifically saturated fats.  I go for less than 10 g per day.
A - Alcohol - One glass of red wine per day.  I don't have a glass every day.  But if I miss a day, I don't get to have two the next day.
C - Caffeine - One cup of coffee per day.  And that's normal coffee and a small cup.  This was the biggest change I made.  Well, maybe (see also S, below).
T - Tobacco - None, ever.  Before the heart attack I had an occasional cigar.  No more.
S - Sodium - 1500 mg per day. 

It's not easy to watch 5 things all at once.  But it is easy to pick one.  (Easy to pick - but it will take work on whichever one you choose...)  Pick one and start managing it.  Work to the goal.  Then make it a habit.  Then pick your next one.

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