Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Avoiding a Heart Attack - The Exercise Routine

There's an old saying:  The perfect exercise is one you like and will keep doing.

For me - that wasn't enough.
I like running.  Always have. Not competitive running - but just getting outside and running.
The problem was:  I live in Ohio.  For the most part, running outside in December through February is not an option.

The other problem was:  I have knees.  And the left knee didn't like running every day, or even every other day.  When I tried to push through it - the knee held me back.

The solutions?  A treadmill solved the first problem.  It's not as fun as running outside, but with SportsCenter in front of me it got better.  
The second problem was a little more difficult to solve.  I had to learn to like exercises that weren't my favorites.  The stationary bike is a pain in the butt (literally).  But with the right program I can challenge myself with hills and advancing levels.  And there's always Sports Center.  The elliptical machine also not a favorite, but it offers the same options (hills and SportsCenter).  Additionally, some of the elliptical is I use take me on a hike through Germany or New Zealand.  That turns the exercise into a strong like.

Lastly - I added weights to the routine.  If I have done all of my aerobics, I get to use the workout machines at the Y, or Dumbbells at my work gym.  This is something else I enjoy.  I can see the immediate results.  Not that I turn into Arnold or anything, but I do get some immediate feedback. But the weights only come AFTER I've done the bike or the elliptical.

The results?  I now like all of the exercises.  It's a habit.  I've been doing it for over 6 months.  And my body fat has gone from 25% to 18%.

Want to get better?  Find the things you like and do them.  Then find the things you don't like, and find a way to turn them into things you like.  And do them too.

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