Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Excellent customer service

Tommy had a broken wheel on his bed.  The farme is supposed to sit on 4 wheels, but one was somehow broken off.

I called The Original Mattress Factory - a local chain where we bought our last two mattresses and box springs.  Rich answered.  I'm pretty sure Rich is the only person who works there - because every time I go in - Rich is there.

I explained the problem - and asked if they sold replacement parts.

Rich said "I'll tell you what - we came put new wheels on the beds in our showroom here, and I have a bag of old wheels here.  They're perfectly good.  Next time you're around stop in and I'll give you one."

Yesterday, on the way home from work - I stopped in and got the replacement wheel.  When I got home, we put it on the bed. The whole fix took less than 10 minutes.

Giving me the wheel probably cost Rich nothing.  In fact he probably was looking to get rid of the extra wheels.

But for me, that transaction meant a lot.  Tom's bed is now fixed.

The transaction meant a lot for Rich too.  Beth and I will need a new king sized mattress in a little while - and I know we'll be calling Rich when it's time to get one.

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