Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Great things that happened yesterday

1. Watched the gorillas at the zoo.
2. Saw the new baby cheetahs (also at the zoo).
3. Had a picnic lunch in the car with Beth and Tommy - a little to cold to do the picnic area.
4. Watched Tommy feed a giraffe.
5. A nap in the hammock (it's still indoors).
6. Elliptical at the YMCA.
7. Dinner at my in-laws - I provided the grilled chicken.
8. The new grilled chicken recipe (Coca Cola chicken) was a hit.
9. Banana milkshakes before bed.
10. Found a new area rug for the family room online - free after Kohl's cash.

Great things happen every day.    I'm grateful.

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