Friday, March 4, 2016

I do one thing. I do it very well. I move on.

I have been having a payroll issue at work.  Like many companies we have a program that invents employees to get blood pressure and cholesterol checked once a year.  When that happens the employee gets a rebate in their paycheck of $250.

Beth I got the blood test in October.

I still haven't received the $250.

Every month I call our employee service center and describe the problem.  Every month I get someone who acts like they're hearing this problem for the very first time.

During the month I get calls.  The call is "We just wanted to let you know that we have no update at this time."  Everyone gets those calls.

The people on the other end are nice.  They mean well.  But they are clueless.   My initial thought was "incompetent" instead of "clueless" but I don't think they're incompetent.  They have a flawed process which they follow.  To me that means the organization is clueless.

How much time are they spending telling people they have no update?  Wouldn't that time be better spent finding and then documenting solutions to problems?

They need to listen to Major Charles Emerson Winchester from the classic TV show MASH:  "I do one thing, I do it very well.  I move on."

DO ONE THING:  Fix one problem.  Don't juggle between problems.

DO IT VERY WELL:  Close the loop with the customer.  Leave breadcrumbs for everyone else on your team.  If the problem is a system issue that has a permanent fix, turn it over to IT for that fix.

MOVE ON:  With a  clear conscience to the next problem.

I follow this advice as often as possible.  I tell myself:  Don't juggle.  Do one thing.  Do it very well.  Move one.

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