Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I missed a day

The original idea behind this blog was to blog for one year straight.

I have written blog entries every day.  Some days I write an idea for a blog entry but don't get the whole thing finished.  I might collect several thoughts.

Yesterday I wrote an entry.  I thought I published it.  But I didn't check the website. 

Let's review what's going on at the Barth house:

1.  We are having problems with our wifi and internet access. 
2.  I tried a new app on my iPad - it doesn't seem to be as good as just composing on the web.

So whose fault is it that I missed a day?  Mine.  I knew we were having internet issues.  I didn't check the site yesterday.  And I was the one who took the risk with the new iPad app.

What to do?

I can say I did blog yesterday - even though I didn't publish.

And... I can publish more than one update today (done).

But the one thing I can't do is past date the blog entry.  That's bullshit. 

I missed a day.  I took a risk, and I didn't live up to the Charles Emerson Winchester ideal.  I will learn and move on.

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