Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The morning routine

In 2014 I read the Hal Elrod Book "Miracle Morning".  I was sold:  I needed to get up a little earlier and start my own morning routine.  Hal's idea is you can spend as little as one minute each on six areas, or if you have the time an hour (10 minutes each).  I generally get 15 to 30 minutes (it used to be an hour - but as I'll discuss on a future post - I made a commitment to get enough sleep).

Over the past two years it has evolved.  Here is what I currently do:

1. Read the Bible.  It's important to reach out to something bigger than you.  For me, that book is the Bible.

2. Stretching.  One minute of stretching with deep breaths - the idea is to stretch my body and stretch my mind.  It's corny - but who doesn't need to be more flexible (physically)?

3. Gratitude log.  I list 3 things I am grateful for.  People in my life, little things in our house, moments from the prior day, opportunities in front of me, etc.

4. Daily Affirmations.  I use the affirmations from Zig Ziglar (you can google it), but any affirmations will do.  Just something to get a little pumped up.

5. Journaling.  5 minutes or less.  I have a word document on Dropbox.  I update it.  At this point I also review my New Year's resolutions (yes, I'm still trying to keep them), and make a quick update to my scorecard (subject for another blog post).

6. Visualization.  I write about my goals as if they are complete.  I talk about what I do and how I live in the future as if it's today's reality.  This primes my mind for success.

I close with a quick look at my schedule for the day, my task list (to make sure both are in sync with what I've just done).  I then note the ONE thing I need to do to make the day a success - to move toward the future, to help others and to move closer to the end state I just visualized.  I wrap up with a word of prayer - and I'm ready to start my day.

I'm also working on an evening routine - but I'm not quite there yet..

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