Saturday, March 5, 2016

Toastmasters Speech Contest Season

I love Toastmasters Speech contest season.   Ever since 2011 - when I started at the club level (February) and went all the way to the finals in Las Vegas (August) it's been an important part of my year.

This year will be different.  After the August heart attack, and a few months of thinking about it, I am taking a break.

That doesn't mean I'm not involved in contest season.  This year I am focused on helping others.  So far I've worked with eight contestants on speeches.

I am hearing some great messages.  Messages that will reach people. I am hearing some wonderful stories.  Stories that draw me in.

I'm using my experience to make those messages more impactful, and reach more people.

I look forward to a full recovery and being able to compete again (next year?  Vancouver would be awesome!) - but I am really enjoying helping others exclusively this year.

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