Friday, March 25, 2016


When Beth and I were first married - MTV had a show called "Unplugged".  (This was back when MTV played music).  Artists would play in front of a small audience - acoustic instruments only.  It was wildly successful - I still have Clapton Unplugged on my MP3 player.  Aerosmith, 10,000 Maniacs and Nirvana were others that did a great job.

Tomorrow - and for the next week - I'm playing Unplugged.

Once a quarter I take a week to unplug from work.  It effectively manages stress.  I do things with the family.  I read even more than normal.  I review the quarter that passed:  Am I better - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually than I was the last time I unplugged.  I look at the quarter ahead.  How will I continue to improve.

I spend time with family.  Sometimes we travel, sometimes we take a "stay-cation".  This quarter will be the latter - we will go to the zoo, the art museum, and maybe hit a few places like Ollie's and Jungle Jim's.

I won't totally unplug from technology.  I tried that once.  It can be done - but it made things more difficult in areas.  I find it's better to selectively unplug.  I will unplug from work technology.  E-mails, Instant messages, etc.  I will unplug the data on my phone before we leave for the zoo and art museum.  The work will still be there next week.  And it will get done then.  In fact, the week I come back, I will be more focused and more productive and better than ever before.

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