Saturday, April 30, 2016

Effective Use of Humor

Beth got the text as we were driving to Northern Kentucky University.  It was from our oldest son Kenny "There's a Barry Manilow concert tonight - traffic is terrible."

It was the night of Kenny's junior composition concert - scheduled to start at 8:15.  Barry Manilow's concert - at the BBT Arena on the NKU campus - was scheduled to start at 8:00.

As we waited in traffic, Kenny texted his mother "Don't worry - the guy before me had to delay his concert too - so I won't start until 8:30 or so."

Eventually we got to Kenny's concert, as did everyone else.  People were frazzled.  Everyone was complaining about Barry Manilow.  Some about the traffic, most just about Barry Manilow.

When the concert started, Kenny - in tuxedo - stood up in front of the group and said "Good evening. I'm Barry Manilow".  Everyone laughed.  The pressure of the night was relieved.  And the concert was awesome.  Kenny's concert I mean.  

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