Friday, April 22, 2016

Family tradition

Approximately 4-5 times per year our son Kenny (trombone) performs in a large concert as a member of the NKU Symphonic Winds. 

I enjoy the music.  Kenny is a very talented musician.  (So are the rest of the members of the symphony).  It is always  entertaining.  Since it's a learning experience for the students, there is always a variety of music  I'm guaranteed to get some music that I really like, and some other music as well.

That variety of music has led to a family tradition that I enjoy.  After the concert I ask Kenny - what was your favorite song, and what was your least favorite?  We have different reasons for choosing each.  We don't often have the same least favorite.  That's probably because least favorite is more a matter of taste.  

Our favorite, however, is generally the same song.  That's because of the high energy.  Kenny - and likely the rest of the band - enjoys the high energy songs.  The musicians put a lot of energy into the song, and it shows.  As a member of the audience, I enjoy that energy.  It's not that I don't enjoy long drawn out songs written to Walt Whitman poetry... It's just that... Oh wait, I didn't enjoy that song.

In last night's case the symphony opened with a high energy song where the trombones got to play, in Kenny's words, "as loud as we could".  The song got the audience involved and set the tone for a great concert.  It was his favorite, and mine too. 

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