Friday, April 15, 2016

Great things that happened yesterday

1. Exit row with no one next to me, and no row right in front of me either. It happened on both flights
2. Breakfast at the Atlanta airport: Salmon and egg sandwich.
3. I was able to scrape the avocado off the sandwich before I ate it.
4. Two words: Airplane nap.
5. Woke up from my nap just in time to get Kenny's biscoff cookies (when I travel I'm Kenny's cookie mule).
6. 16,000 steps.
7. Got one ton of gravel down on the driveway.  One shovel full at a time - with Tommy's help.
8. Attended a really good humor webinar that had a guest star - the hilarious Dan Nainan.
9. Had a homemade smoothie.
10. Being back at home and in my own bed.

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