Saturday, April 16, 2016

How am I doing long term?

It's Saturday morning.  I could have slept in, but I didn't.

Instead I'm sitting with my cup of coffee... Listening to the birds sing...

I completed my basic morning routine:  The stretches, journal, affirmation, Bible reading, etc.

Now I'm doing my favorite Saturday morning activity:  Review the long term vision.

As part of my visioning process I look at my long term goals.  I look at the vision around the goals (example to follow), then spend time brainstorming individual activities that will move me closer to that goal.  Those activities are quickly added to my task list (in the inbox).  The next time I do a detailed weekly review (tomorrow morning) I will pick off those tasks, and give them everything they need to get done - a target date in some cases, additional context if needed, and reminders to keep me focused.

For example:  Today I did visioning around my upcoming book.  Tasks included the simple - turn on the laptop to get all files synced up - to the much more detailed - find a cover artist and set up a marketing plan.  In between there were the detailed tasks like "Final edit on the 'Why We (Browns fans) hate the Steelers".

The entire process took 15 minutes, and that included writing today's blog entry.  I didn't finish the process - I have a 7am commitment - but I left enough bread crumbs to allow me to quickly finish things tomorrow.

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