Friday, April 8, 2016

Is it a detour or an opportunity?

I was headed to the Scout Achievement center to drop off some paperwork.  Given the time of day, it should have been a straight shot on the interstate.  When things backed up near Milford I knew there was an accident.  I took the Milford exit.  At the stoplight I told the GPS to find the Scout Achievement Center.

I turned off the highway, and went in the general direction of the center.  After a while, Siri got tired of telling me to make a U-turn, and she took over. 

The route I was following was the back way I take to work.  But at one point, she told me to go straight instead of turning.  I figured she would send me all the way to the scout center, and away from work.  Instead, she sent me to a winding road that led me right past my office. 

All these years my "back way" involved four stop lights, many of which were backed up for a few minutes.  This "new" route takes me right to the office - stop signs with right turns and one light to get in to the parking lot.  It's probably 10 minutes faster.

This might be the most time saving detour I've taken in years.

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