Monday, April 25, 2016

Look around - you might be surprised

I planned my weekend to be unplugged.  I figured that a) it's a state park, so there will be no access, and b) it's camping - I'm not necessarily supposed to be online.

Let's address point b first.  Even when camping there are times - first thing in the morning and last thing at night - when being online is a good thing.

Now... point a.  I was SO certain there wouldn't be Wifi access that I didn't even think about it.  Not until Saturday night when I looked up and saw the wifi router in the middle of the field at the park. 

Sure enough - General Butler State Park has wifi.  (Neither my son nor I bothered to look).

Had I HAD the wifi there were moments where I could have done something quickly - update a file, order something on Amazon, who knows what?

The point is - I could have done more... had I just looked around.

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