Monday, April 4, 2016

Managing the week ahead - getting closer to GTD

I have a new process for managing my work week.

Well, as the title infers, it isn't new.  It's getting closer to David Allen's GTD methodology.

I love GTD - let's start right there.  It has made a radical change in my productivity.

My problem with GTD was this:  There were always items that I wanted to get done this week, but maybe not on a particular day.  I didn't feel right putting them on my calendar, but I also needed to separate them from the rest of the pack.  I tried putting them on Friday, but that made things messy.

Here's my solution:

If it's something that must be done that day, it goes on my calendar.  By calendar, I mean the one that everyone sees, the one that people use to determine if I'm available for a meeting, etc.

If it's something that has to be done that week - it goes on my iPad and iPhone calendar, but not my main calendar. It shows up in a different calendar.  The iOS calendars are what I use to run my day.

Headed in to this week - my iOS calendar is pretty full.  But there are available slots on my main calendar.  If someone needs me for a call or meeting they can still find a spot.  If that spot overlaps with something I have on my iOS calendar, I will move the item to later in the day, or later in the week.

The final note - anything that gets moved to Friday gets put on the regular calendar as well.  That way it still gets done.  I actually have a couple of hours on Friday blocked off to hold the extra items.  Should those hours not get used up - that gives me two more hours to work on the @office list of key activities (from GTD methodology).

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