Sunday, April 17, 2016

No exceptions

Zig Ziglar talks about the danger of exceptions.  Yesterday I didn’t listen.

At the scholarship competition I decided to have another half cup of coffee.  I rationalized it.

Next thing you know I’m putting butter on my roll at Mama’s Grill, and sleeping in an extra hour.  Again, I rationalized the sleeping in.

I was going to hit the Y for a workout, but I figured shoveling 1 ton of gravel and some mowing was better.

Later, when I reviewed my week I realized that exceptions were creeping in.  I could blame it on travel, I could blame it on the project work load, I could blame it on any number of things.   But blame wasn’t going to fix it.

When I stepped on the scale – 196.  This was up 4 from the low.  1 lb at a time mind you – but I crossed back over 195 – so rationalization had to stop.

The time to eliminate the exceptions is right now.  And I mean all exceptions.  6am on the alarm means 6am.  No butter means none.  Start tracking the diet all day long. And back to the Y for some serious exercise.

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