Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Table Topics Question: Does God talk through cats?

(This question came from a book title. The answer below is a better answer than I gave during the actual table topics.  It's a combination of what I said and what I wish I had said.)


Here's my cat:  I want food.  I want out.  I want back in.  I want out.  I want back in.  Out.  In.

God doesn't change his mind like that.

If God talks through an animal - it has to be a dog.  "I want you to be happy.  I love you."  Yeah, that's a dog, and it's my vision of God.  And if your dyslexic - well there you have it...

But cats?

Come on.  Cats live to torment people.

He could - no doubt about that.  If the other team can speak through a reptile... Why not?  And he did talk through a donkey once.  So it could happen.

But a cat?  Yikes.  Can you imagine if God spoke through a cat?  "We have 10 commandments.  No.  Make it 12  You want to know what they are?  Well tough.  I don't feel like telling you.  Maybe later.  Scratch my back.  Not too much tough..."

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