Saturday, April 23, 2016

The big idea - four or fewer goals

From one week to the next I want to focus my effort on four or fewer areas. 

The areas can be a project - such as a work project; or a role - such as parent; or a combination of sorts (a boy scout project which also involves my role as scoutmaster).  It might be a particular speech I'm working on - or maybe a skill I want to improve.

In each case I have a list of tasks I could do. These tasks are brainstormed constantly.  When I get an idea I tell Siri to remind me about it.  (I may or may not actually schedule a reminder).  Handing the task off to Siri will put the task in my inbox on Outlook. 

During my weekly review I will take the task from my inbox and categorize it in any number of ways: 

Where will I do it (on the computer, at home, when I'm running errands, etc.)?
When will I do it (firm deadline, someday, or review it again on a certain month)?
What efforts is it tied to?  (project, role, program, etc.)

The last one is key for my process.

Each week I select my four focus areas.  In Outlook I filter on those areas.  That brings up every possible task I can complete to move ahead in those areas.  I then categorize ALL of those tasks with the tag ##top4 (the two #s cause it to sort to the top). 

For that week I can then consult my filtered view ##top4 tasks only when I have a small block of time.  (I have other views... I can pull up errands before I leave for the store, etc.)

The other key to this process:  When I change focus areas next week, I will remove the ##top4 tag before selecting the new ones.

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