Monday, April 11, 2016

Travel helps focus

At the start of the week I like to outline the four "projects" I want to push forward for that week.  Zig Ziglar calls them goals - but since I consider everything in life a project opportunity I call them projects.

The projects that get my focus will be measured at the end of the week.  Each morning I will look at them at remind myself - this is the priority.  I will schedule time on my calendar to make sure I move forward in these areas.

The projects might be different during the week vs. on the weekend.  This week will be like that.

For this week - the projects that have my attention are:

1. My big work project.  That's why we're traveling.  This one is a given, and it will have most of my attention during the day.  As for scheduling - it has already been done for me.

2. Health and fitness.  This is a normal activity but I feel like this week it needs a re-dedication.  Travel can throw a curve ball to a healthy lifestyle if I let it.  By focusing on health and fitness I will  not only avoid slipping back, I will dramatically move forward in this area (as measured by active minutes and body fat percentage)

3. My book  By eliminating other distractions and getting my workout complete early in the day, I will have a couple of hours each night to work on the book.  Additionally there are four hours of flights available to work on it.  This is a luxury that would not be available to me in a non-travel week.

Every week is what you make it.  Travel can be a pain, or an opportunity.  I choose opportunity this week.

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