Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why I get books from the library

Because I'm cheap?  No.  

It's because there is a time limit.  If I have the book forever, I don't have the urgency to read it.  If I have the book for a limited time I'm under the gun to read it.  

Especially with a book on MP3 - it's like I actually have that author with me, but only for a little time.  Think about it:  If you have Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy in your car, and only for a limited time, are you going to say "Hey Zig, can you hush for a while?  I want to listen to Meaghan Trainor."

Okay, bad example.  I would rather listen to almost anything than Meaghan.  I'm not all about that bass.  But in my case, I will even skip Aerosmith to listen to Zig's advice - every time - if he's on loan.

And of course it's free.

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