Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Avoiding a heart attack - Recommit to the diet

I've weighed as low as 192 with my post heart attack diet (17.2% body fat).  I recently weighed in at 196 (17.6% body fat).  Within rounding error, that means I added 3 lbs of muscle, but that came at the cost of 1 additional lb of fat.

When I looked at what I've been doing - I realized that I was letting things slide.  A slice of pizza here, an extra cookie there.  It adds up quickly.  There was also rationalization - well, I worked out, so I can eat this.

The solution was a trip to the grocery store, where I picked out some NEW healthy items.  A type of hummus I hadn't tried before.  A brand of goat cheese that has very little sodium.  Some low fat Swiss slices.

With even those two items, I am inspired to try new things. The goat cheese was sprinkled on spinach and tomatoes to make a salad at lunch.  It turned out that the cheese was WAY better than the kind I had been eating before.  (With a salad, I need very little cheese - less than 1/2 of an official serving).

Having the new items then drives my choices at the critical times - those times when I have the most discretion in my diet:  Lunch (if I'm making my own lunch), and bedtime snack.

I'm still at 196, but the recommitting should help me get back to 192 - and this time, I want to be there at 15% body fat!

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