Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Find the Good

Today, as always, I read my Zig Ziglar affirmations.  I always focused on the qualities:  Things like honest, intelligent, responsible.  Things that were one word long.

But today as I read through the list - I was struck by one:  Good finder.

How often do I look to find fault in others?  What intentions am I assigning people without even knowing them?

As a society we don't do a good job of being good finders.  Right now Cincinnati has a "crisis".  A 4 year old child walked into the gorilla exhibit.  One of the male gorillas grabbed the child and eventually had to be shot.  Everyone is finding the bad:  The parents should lose their child - a petition is going around with thousands of signatures.  The zoo should have done things differently.  On and on it goes.

Find the good:  The zoo has trained responders for these type of situations.  The child survived and will fully recover.  The zoo has shut down the gorilla exhibit and will make it even better.  Yes there are an alarmingly low number of gorillas left in the world, and yes it was sad to lose one, but the zoo's breeding program, along with programs like it around the world, is offsetting the population decline.

Find the good.  And if you slip up (as I have several times today), remind yourself "I'm good and gettin better, and so are the people around me".

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