Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great things that happened yesterday

- Got a good report from my dental check up.
- 30 minute presentation to my boss's boss only took 15 minutes.
- And at the end he said "Great stuff".
- Got a note from our corporate lawyer that said "You're the best".
- Spoke at Toastmasters.
- And did 2 table topics questions.
- And got to talk with Michael Ireland and Randy Lampe for a while after the meeting.
- Attended Tommy's middle school awards banquet.
- Frisch's afterwards to celebrate.
- Found out that Frisch's makes good low fat smoothies.
- 30 minutes on the bike.
- Beth made taco pie for dinner.
- All 5 of us were here for dinner.
- And the taco pie got 5 thumbs up!

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