Friday, May 20, 2016

Indians and Cavs thoughts

The Cavs look as good as I've seen a team not named the Harlem Globetrotters look.  10 wins in a row in the playoffs puts them in rare air.  But - as ESPN keeps pointing out - about half of the teams that started with 10 or more consecutive wins did not go on to win the NBA championship.  It's not what you've done to this point (or haven't done) - it's what you do from here.

The Indians have a significant advantage over their top two competitors this year (the White Sox and Royals)  Each team gets four "rivalry" games.  The Royals rivalry is the St. Louis Cardinals - currently in 3rd place, but always tough.  The White Sox get the Cubs - currently on fire.  The Indians completed their rivalry game, by sweeping 4 from the Reds.

Odds are that the White Sox and Royals will go 2-2 (or worse) in their much tougher rivalry games.  That puts them 2 or more games behind the Indians right there.

The Tigers, also in the mix for the division - draw Pittsburgh for their rivalry game (more out of "who's left?").  Detroit won 3 of 4 there, so they only lost one game to the Indians.

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