Saturday, May 7, 2016

Making Memories

Beth, Tommy and I visited Grassy Run recently.  Grassy Run is an annual festival held in the community park at Williamsburg.  It celebrates the heritage of our town - people put up tents and tipis, dress up as they would have in the 1700s, fire off cannons and give speeches about life in the 1700s.

In the early days of Grassy Run (it's been going on for maybe 10 or so years) there were more activities for little kids.  Tommy enjoyed making candles and punching holes in tin plates to make little designs.

The festival is smaller now - 10 years in a row of getting rained on will do that to you - but we still enjoy it.  One of Tommy's favorite things to do is visit the tipi of the fur trader.  A husband and wife team show kids (and adults) what life was like as a fur trader 200 years ago (or more?).

The tipi is warm.  A wood fire heats the stew the man is making.  Tommy remembers it instantly.  He asks "Is that beaver stew?"  Last year the man had beaver stew and Tom got a sample.  This year is on tail stew - he had a beaver in the freezer but it didn't thaw out in time for the festival (this was likely not a problem for folks 200 years ago).

For Tom, going back to the tipi, and the festival in general is a good memory revisited.

For the man - with his wife and grandkids along - it is a chance to make memories for his family and other families.  These are memories that will last well past his lifetime.

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