Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Beth is a wonderful mother to our kids.  She has a unique relationship with them.  Over the years she has connected with them on whatever level they needed.  She can be a confidant for them,

When Joe went to pick up his prom corsage at Kroger on Friday evening I said “Did you get your mom a Mother’s Day Card?”  He said “Oh crap – not yet.” I said “Get her a Whitman’s Sampler from you and Kenny too – Tom already has his gift covered.”  He said “Do you want me to get a card for you to give her too?”

We will have our traditional Mother’s Day Breakfast – McDonald’s.

I love you Beth.

I don’t like that the religion of my own mother makes Mother’s Day a forbidden holiday, but this one will be like so many others (example:  My grandmother giving me a check for $21 when I turned 21 and saying “it’s not a birthday present, I just wanted to give this to you).  I will call her and talk and tell her I love her.  I will get her up to day on Joe’s prom, Kenny’s concert and Tom’s camping adventures.  I will get her up to date on my life.  I just won’t say “Happy Mother’s Day”.

I love you mom.

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