Monday, May 9, 2016

Why Zig?

A question came up on Facebook recently:  "Phil, what is it that you like about Zig Ziglar?  The salesmanship?  Motivation?  Christianity?"

My initial reaction was "Yes."

But I decided to take it a little deeper.

Zig and I don't agree on everything.  For instance Zig says that alcohol should be avoided.  I like to have an occasional glass of wine or a beer.  That said, I can't disagree with Zig's overall logic.  Specifically he says that if 100 people take their first drink, some of them will become addicted.  If those same 100 people do NOT take their first drink, none of them will.  His numbers work for the masses, but mine work for me.  I can stop (and do stop) after one or two glasses.

There are many areas where I 100% agree with Zig.  The value of saving, hard work, and of course motivation.

I enjoy the way Zig uses humor to set up and/or make points.  I try to do the same.

But the thing I like most about Zig is the fact that he genuinely loved his audiences and it showed.  And now after he's been gone for maybe 3 years - he's still able to share that love with his recordings.

Zig was, and is the man.

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