Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Agile Project Management

I'm not sure that's what we practiced on vacation yesterday, but it's close.

Our plan was:  Go to Fort Moultrie, then the beach.

We went to the Fort Moultrie, and it started to rain.  We checked the forecast and saw that a tropical depression was causing the rain, and it would be an all day deal.

We quickly moved things around, pulling the antique stores to the rainy day, and moving the beach off the schedule for the day (we normally like to do the beach every day).  Kenny didn't want to do the antique stores, so he took a dip in the pool - which works even in the rain (it was rain only, not a thunderstorm).

It all sounds like common sense (because it is).  But how often do project managers ignore the forecast, ignore the signs, and refuse to make adjustments that would save the day?

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