Sunday, June 19, 2016

Doggie Depression

With the recent loss of Riley, we are all very focused on Bailey.  I've taken her for a couple of runs - something I will continue to do.  Throughout the day she has people petting her, playing with her, loving on her.  Yesterday I said "Bay - do you want to play ball?"  She started whining (a happy whine) the actually started barking excitedly.

Still, she is a little lost without Riley.  She will whine for no reason (and I don't think it's a happy whine necessarily).  Riley was the lead dog, and Bay followed her lead - if it was time to go outside Bay didn't go without Riley.  There were competitions for treats and food that no longer exist.

Ultimately we will get Bay another companion dog.  Meanwhile, there is a whole team of us playing with her and spending time with her.  And no - it's not just for her sake.  We need her as much as she needs us.

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