Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great things that happened yesterday

- Got my annual blood draw and physical.  
- The nurse did the best blood draw I've ever had - I barely felt the needle. As someone who is not a fan of needles, this was definitely great.
- Survived a 9 hour fast to get to the blood draw.
- Listened to (most of) a TIm Ferriss interview of Malcolm Gladwell. Even traffic jams can be great if you have something to listen to.
- Ran for 30 minutes.
- Got my entire task list checked off
- Had dinner with Tom and Logan at NYLT camp.

This is one of those days where one great thing really stood out:

I had a very enjoyable visit to NYLT to see Tom and Logan.  I kept telling Tom to call me his scoutmaster instead of his dad.  He got a kick out of that.

I was very impressed by how he is doing things for himself.  I almost did something for him (taking his bag from the dinner to the “campfire” while he was using the KYBO, but then I realized he could and would do it for himself.  I put it back, and sure enough, he did it.
At the end of the night they decided to evacuate the camp.  The Scoutmasters stayed and helped with the evacuation. I managed to find Tom’s camp and help him.  That also meant I helped him out.  That worked out well, because there was one point where he would have missed a step and fallen in a ditch but I grabbed his arm and re-directed him.  He was a little tentative after that, but he did quite well.  I’m very proud of him.

There were a lot of other nice things that happened yesterday but none of them compare to the night at NYLT.

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