Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Heart attack thoughts

It's been quite a couple of weeks around here.  On Sunday evening a neighbor from down the street passed away.  It was a heart attack caused by a blood clot (this is second or third hand information).

When I had my heart attack last August (over 10 months ago now!), they put in two stents and cleaned out blood clot.  The artery that was 95% blocked also had a blood clot.

I think the smartest thing I did was to go to the nurse when I did.  That in turn sent me to the hospital.  I wanted to go to Las Vegas in the next week.  And Myrtle Beach the week after.  I knew that I was putting both of those trips at risk by going to the nurse.  But if I had skipped going to the nurse, I might have had a blood clot break loose, and I might not be here.

Before I congratulate myself too much, it's also worth noting that I was an idiot for not calling 911 the night before when I had chest pains in my tent...

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