Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm on fire...

Yesterday was a day of non-stop productivity.  I was hotter than the Cleveland Indians.  (Side note - no Cleveland team has lost a game since the Cavs won the NBA championship.  The Indians streak is at 10).

I took calls like a switchboard operator.  I had productive meetings.  I ate at my desk.  When I got a break I went to the fitness center and worked out.

(More important side note:  The break to go to the fitness center was scheduled on my calendar.  If I wait for a fitness center break to magically appear, it usually doesn't happen).

When there were unscheduled breaks, I made a few phone calls to fix things or answer questions that were on my list.  Joe just got a car - how do we transfer the title?  Why is the Enquirer not showing up in my driveway on Sundays?  Etc.

After work, I came home, and immediately went to Vacation Bible School where I had dinner and helped out.  I came home, made milkshakes, sat down on the couch a little before 10, and passed out.

And there was the problem.  Nowhere during the day did I unplug and rest for even 15 minutes.  During the drive I listened to a book.  I crammed as much as I could in to the day.

Today I want to have a similar day, with one change:  I will take a few minutes, a couple times during the day to unplug and rest.  Experience has taught me that when I do this, I will actually have a more productive day.  Research tells me that it busts up stress and is better for my heart.

Call it meditation, call it visualization, call it what you will - I need to take a 5-10 minute break a couple of times today.

So do you.

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