Saturday, June 4, 2016

Little things can make a big difference

The Cleveland Indians were in the midst of a e game losing streak in what has been (so far) a very up and down season.  They were 3 outs away from being swept at home by the Texas Rangers.  They tied the game in the bottom of the ninth and went on to win in extra innings.

The next night, home against the division leading (and defending world champion) Kansas City Royals they again found themselves losing late in the game.  Once again they pulled it out.

Yesterday, they went out and beat the Royals 6-1.  One more win and the Indians will now be the division leaders.

Second baseman Jason Kipnis said the two walk off victories in a row were a turning point.  It looks like the team believes that.  I remember in 1995 - early on the Indians came back from a huge deficit to beat Toronto (8 or 10 runs, I can't remember exactly).  All of the sudden, the team caught on fire, and won the division going away.

One or two games in the midst of a 162 game year shouldn't make that big of a difference.  But they did in 1995, and hopefully they will in 2016 as well.

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