Monday, June 6, 2016

Skip this post if you're not a fan of potty humor

We have wonderful hostas growing next to our house.  They love the shade and they grow well.

The problem is - deer love the hostas, and feed on them when we go on vacation.  Unless...

A few years ago we came up with a plan.  Deer are very smell sensitive, and if they smell urine on something they will stay away.  Normally a boy dog could help here, but we don't have boy dogs - only girls.  We do, however, have four boy humans in the house...

Ever since we implemented the plan several years ago, the hostas have been deer free when we are on vacation.

So we're sitting at breakfast Monday morning (Phil, Beth, Kenny - my father in law, and Joyce - my mother in law), and it suddenly hits me:

Phil:  Oh we forgot to have the boys pee on the hostas.
Beth:  No I had them start doing that on Thursday.
Joyce:  I need to start doing that.  We have one that the deer destroycd.
Phil (to Kenny):  You could do that, but you might need an extra beer.
Joyce:  No I was going to do that.
Beth:  You could make the gross list.  (The list of gross things that happened on vacation).
Phil:  We can loan you the  boys…  ‘We covered the hostas, and the strawberries, and the asparagus.”
Beth:  I’m not going to eat the strawberries…
Kenny:  Yeah, the asparagus.  Give it a taste of its own medicine.
Joyce:  Those boys don’t stand a chance.

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