Thursday, June 30, 2016

The baby raccoon

One for the story log...

Yesterday I called my wife and said "I got the estimate for Joe's air conditioner repair bill"  It was high.  So high that for a moment I thought about saying "He can sweat".  But that's a topic for another blog post...

After we discussed that my wife said "We have a problem here.  There is a raccoon laying on the front porch.  A small one.  He might be dying."

I said "You win."

Any time you have a nocturnal creature that comes out during the day and isn't afraid of you, you have a rabies problem.

Let's jump to the end of the story.  We didn't have a rabies problem.  We had a hungry baby raccoon problem.  Well, it was walking around, so maybe it was a toddler raccoon.

At any rate, it went away, and came back later that day.  This time I was home.  It was walking around our garage.  We had a group of people at the house.  Before alerting them, I decided to test the raccoon.  I put some dog food down in the garage (this might have been a BIG mistake... Time will tell).  It ate the dog food.

A couple of us looked at it, and decided "not rabid".  Then the braver from among us (not me) put on a pair of campfire gloves, picked it up, and relocated it to our woods.  It was not a happy raccoon.

End of story?  Maybe.  Best part of the story?  Absolutely not.

When we were concerned that the raccoon might be rabid, my wife called the health department for advice.  They recommend a 3 step process.

1. Kill the raccoon.
2. Cut off its head.
3. Send the head to a vet in Batavia who will check it for rabies.

My wife said "What am I?  The Godfather?"

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