Friday, June 24, 2016

Why I love Kroger

Beth and I went to the Kroger Marketplace in Mt. Orab last night.  Why I love it:

- Every employee is friendly.  When they see me wandering through the aisles they ask if they can help.
- They have good seafood.  Not Jungle Jim's seafood, but good.
- They have good meat in general.  Years ago they had a slogan:  Kroger means better meat.  It still does.  (Again, not sure they beat JJ on this one...)
- Kroger brand frozen yogurt is the best for milkshakes.  By far.
- I like a lot of the Kroger brands.
- They are community minded.  The Boy Scouts did a fund raiser - for $10 we got a card that saves 10% (one time use) at Kroger.  The card has other fund raiser items - one being a buy one get one free 3-way at Gold Star.  But the reason we bought was the Kroger discount.  That and the fact that $5 of the money went back to our son Tom's scout account.  Last night we saved $20 with a card, so that puts us ahead by $15.
- Speaking of community minded, they always let us sell popcorn at Kroger.

I'll admit - Kroger costs a little bit more than Meijer, at least for what we buy.  But the Kroger experience is worth it.  Also - with the 10% off card we come out even if not ahead.

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