Sunday, July 3, 2016

A great day to be a dad

I woke up with all kinds of things on my plate.  A couple of them were family related, but it was – as usual – balanced between family and personal.

Then Kenny remembered he needed to get his license renewed.  And I needed to get the title transfer completed on Joe’s car.  So Kenny and I went to the Ohio BMV.

On the way back we stopped at McDonald’s to get breakfast.

After breakfast Beth and Tom started working on his pellet gun.  I wanted to help with that.  After we got it working we (safely) shot a few pellets into the woods.

Kenny and I started talking about the pedal board he wanted to build.  (Basic idea – Kenny has I don’t know how many different guitar foot pedals that do different things or effects.  He looked in to buying a board, but it was about $150.  He got $20 worth of paint and Velcro, and we built it together.  It was a lot of work – and a lot of fun.  We used spare wood from other projects I’ve had throughout the years (so it also cleaned up the basement and garage just a little).  Kenny did the blueprint, I threw out an idea or two, I cut he sanded, we put it together, and by the end of the day he had his pedal board.

Since I was on a woodworking roll, Tom and I built a backstop for his shooting range.  Again – Tom told me what he wanted, and we built it.  We then moved it out to the range.

When Joe got home from work we looked at the tire on his new car – it was really low.  I showed him the idiot light he needs to look for.  We inflated it to 30 psi and decided to see if it would hold the pressure.  Meanwhile, Joe took my car to a cookout last night.  Regardless of the tire - his tires need replacing.

Finally, Beth Tom and I went to Firehouse subs for dinner.  While we were there Tom and I watched SportsCenter and the highlights of The Chasedown.  We were both in awe once again.

A great day to be a dad, for sure.

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