Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gave them just what they wanted...

Recently my son and a fellow lifeguard decided to prank the "Catch someone doing a great thing at work" suggestion box at the YMCA.  Each wrote one for the other.  In each case they put something on that made it obvious they were joking.  (One said "He put sunscreen on my back before I went out to guard" the other said "He gave me a foot massage after a guard session").

The boss decided to post the forms on the wall, and write a big message about sexual harassment, etc.

And every guard who read it basically stopped at the reviews, and laughed out loud.

Now instead of being a small joke, the comments were turned in to a memorable moment, and the two boys were elevated to (anti) hero status among the guards.

Which begs the question:  What was the boss thinking? 

Or maybe it begs the question:  Was the boss thinking?

If he really wanted to stop the behavior, a pair of quick one on ones with feedback would have been more effective.  Give them they why - here's why we look to catch people being good, etc.

Moral: Think before you act.

NOTE:  I'm not saying I think they were right in putting in the suggestions.  I'm just saying that the boss was wrong in how he handled it.

Well, I'm also saying I thought it was funny as hell.

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