Saturday, July 23, 2016

Return to "normal"

I love Day Camp week.  The entire family pitches in - including our extended family.  We get up at 6am, move the lunches from the fridge to our cooler, pack anything else we need to take to camp, shower and dress, and head to camp.

At camp we are outside all day long - running the trading post (me), running the entire volunteer program (Beth), runnning water games (Kenny), citizenship (Joe), the cooking station (Kenny and his grandpa Kenny) or helping a den all week (Tommy).

We get to hang out with friends for the week.

10,000 steps are never a problem.

At the end of the day we pack up and come home.  We refill our supplies, go over to our in laws for dinner, cool off in their pool, finish up any prep work for the next day (including the lunch assembly line), and go to bed.

It's a fun week.

But I'm glad it's over.

Today I still got up early, but I read, enjoyed a cup of coffee, worked on my blog, my gratitude log and my scorecard.  I will also work on my book this morning.

It's a quiet morning.  Just what I needed.

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