Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Running the day by the calendar

Yesterday was an "ease back from a 3 day weekend" kind of calendar.  There were a couple of meetings in the afternoon, one more in the evening.  But the morning was clear.

Just what I needed.  I arranged the tasks for the day to fit in the open space of the morning.  As is my custom I picked out the four key projects for the week (I may have blogged on this before, I certainly will blog on it later).  I then made sure the tasks I assigned to the day were related to the four key projects.

One quick example:  One of the key projects is "Diet and Exercise"  (I debate whether this is a project or not... Perhaps it would just be better to call the four areas above focus areas...  But at the end of the day, there is a goal related to Diet and Exercise and it has a due date, so I would say it's a project.  Not to get all PMP on it, but "Diet and Exercise" is the program or maybe even the portfolio... But I completely digress).

Given that Diet and Exercise was one of the areas - I made sure to block an hour on my day to exercise.  I also had a task early in the morning to plan my healthy eating for the day.

Around mid-morning I had completed all the assigned tasks for the day.  This is where the GTD methodology came in.  I was able to quickly look at the next actions available to me while I was in the office, see which ones tied to the four main goals of the week, and pick off a couple of them.

Today is a "don't put a lot on your task list day".  The schedule is crammed with meetings.  (Having said that it's important to note that one of the meetings is a trip to the fitness center to keep the diet and exercise goal on track).  Accordingly, there aren't many items on my task list.  One conference call looks to be a prime opportunity for multi-tasking.  Should that be the case I will again look for the next actions available to me - specifically the ones flagged "on a boring call" first.  It might be cleaning my office - it could use it...

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