Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The secret to ribs on a gas grill

Okay - I know - I'm not a purist.  I don't do ribs in a smoker or with charcoal.  I do have a smoker on my someday/maybe list.  But meanwhile, I have a gas grill.  And I have three sons that love ribs.  So I've learned a thing or two.  Here goes:

1. Don't put the sauce on while cooking.  It only messes with the rub.
2. Smoke them with mesquite.  When I do that my grill smells like Sticky Fingers.
3. Cumin - of all the spices I put on them - cumin is the most important (imho).
4. Brown sugar - a close second.
5. Wrap them in foil for a period of time.  Yesterday I did the small rack for 1 1/2 hours, and the large for over 2 hours.
6. Smoke them for as long as you can - yesterday was a little over 6 hours.
7. The rest of the rub:  Garlic, fresh ground pepper, cinnamon and coffee.

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