Saturday, August 27, 2016

Blog needs a refresh... Maybe

The whole idea of starting a year ahead of time on the speech is a good one.

The idea of blogging about it every day is not.

Every day I make sure I do something to improve myself - by putting things in to my mind, writing speeches, or practicing.

But it's not all blog-worthy.

What is blog-worthy is maybe a once a week post of what I've learned this week.  That could also be a Vlog.

That said, I'm not making a commitment to that quite yet.  What I'm committed to right now is writing.  Every day - working on my new book.  That is working well for me.  I'm focused on that and can see the progress.

But the bottom line is - I want to blog and Vlog every day.  Just not about speaking.  Not yet.

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