Monday, August 1, 2016

Jonathan Lucroy thoughts

So the Brewers catcher winds up in Texas.  I'm sure he can expect a warm welcome in Cleveland should the two teams meet in the playoffs...

There are all kinds of rumblings on why he vetoed the trade.  The most likely being he wanted the Indans to void the last year on his contract.  Right.  Let's give up those four players for about 1/3 of what we originally thought we were getting.

There was some negotiation - no idea what that was... But it's possible the Indians offered him more money on the option or something like that.  He voided the trade, and now finds himself in Texas, where he gets nothing...  Well nothing extra anyway.

I hate that the Indians don't get him - but I am glad to see the players who were headed to Milwaukee still in the Indians organization.  Long term we could be looking at a starting catcher in Mejia, and Chang looks like he can stick at shortstop, with some power to boot.  Both are 20 - so we could be seeing them in Cleveland for a long time.  Or... We could see them being used as pieces to get something else.

I'm of course excited about adding Andrew Miller to the back end of the bullpen.  I hate to see Sheffield and Frazier go - but Miller turns a weakness into a strength.

The last player the Indians acquired, right handed hitting outfielder Brandon Guyer, is very exciting.  His arrival means the departure of Juan Uribe.  I wanted Uribe to do well but it wasn't in the cards (except for four games earlier this year).

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