Monday, August 8, 2016

One year later - how am I doing?

Saturday marked the one year anniversary of my heart attack.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of getting stents implanted.

Today marks the one year anniversary of the start of my recovery.  That begs the question:  How am I doing... one year later?

Physically - I'm 15 pounds lighter.  That's good.  But... I'm 5 pounds heavier than I was 3 months ago.  That's not good.  I have done quite a bit of aerobic exercise, but of late, other things have crowded out some exercise time.  More work required.

But what about the rest of life?  How am I doing there?  If I look at the scout oath and law how am I doing vs. a year ago?

(A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent).

TRUSTWORTHY:  I am, for the most part, sticking to my commitments.  One of the things I started doing early in the recovery year was saying "No" to things I couldn't fit in.  It was a strategy to lower stress.  Ironically, saying "No" more often has made me more trustworthy.  I don't say "Yes" to everything and then wind up missing deadlines later.  If I say "Yes", you can trust it will be done.  If I say "No" you can trust it won't...

That said - I've missed a couple of commitments to myself.  When I miss exercise - that's a problem.

HELPFUL:  Well, if I'm saying "No" people might argue I'm not as helpful.  That said - it's more helpful to tell someone no and let them find someone to do it than it is to say "Yes" and not do it.

LOYAL:  I think I'm doing a good job here.  I was before too.

FRIENDLY:  I don't think I'm any more or less friendly than I was a year ago.  I have spent more time this year with friends and family - mostly family.

COURTEOUS:  I try to be courteous.  Unless you cut me off in traffic.  Still have to work on the stress with that one.

KIND:  I'm kind of kind. 

OBEDIENT:  This was one area that I needed to improve and I did.  I had to obey my diet - something I didn't do before.  I had to obey my body and listen to signals and get enough rest.  I did a good job here, but I need to do better.

CHEERFUL:  This is another area where I improved.  The best way I know to be cheerful is to be grateful every day.  I have done that all year.  I even started a vlog about it.

THRIFTY:  I never needed improvement here.  I'm a natural.

BRAVE:  I'm not sure about this one.  One of the big reasons I stuck to the diet was because I was scared of another procedure.  So Brave Sir Phil bravely ran away from future procedures.  Cue the minstrels.

CLEAN:  Except for a few campouts - I'm pretty good here.  My diet needs a little cleaning up.  And I suppose my mouth could be cleaner.  Especially when I get cut off in traffic.

REVERENT:  I'm better than I was a year ago.  I resolve to be better a year from now.

Bottom line:  I established some good habits early on in this recovery.  Exercise, diet, gratitude and saying No.  I need to make sure I stick to those habits.

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