Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tom earns Duty to God. I earn a lesson.

A story from summer camp a little over a week ago.

Camp Friedlander has a 4 tier Duty to God award.  Each of the four levels are earned during one week of summer camp. 

This year was Year 4 for Tom at summer camp.  He was looking to become the first scout in 2016, and third scout ever, to win the Level 4 Duty to God award at Camp Friedlander.

To earn the award he had to complete 3 of 5 possible tasks:

1.  Attend every morning service.
2.  Assist on the Sunday evening service.  This required reaching out to the camp chaplain before the service, and assisting.
3.  Assist on the Wednesday evening service.  This also required meeting with the camp chaplain early.
4. Conduct a service for your troop.
5. Conduct a study with other scouts.

I guided Tom to numbers 1-3.  That seemed like the path of least resistance.  Not that I was looking for the easy way out, but Tom had a full schedule of merit badges too...

At any rate, Tom attended all of the morning services.  He also assisted on the Sunday service. 

Wednesday evening, however, he didn't assist on the service.  He attended, but did not get to help.

After I told him:  "I'm pretty sure you did your best, talk to the chaplain about it and you'll get the award."  He said "No dad.  I didn't do my duty to God.  I'm going to conduct a service for the troop."

On Thursday evening he did just that.  He got other scouts (and Pastor Jay Madigan) involved.  He had all the basics covered:  Prayer, reading, message and prayer.

And then... just before he started he said "Dad, I'm going to do a song."

"Get out... really?"

He did.  He led us in "This Little Light of Mine."

The song and overall service were outstanding.  My son really did his duty to God. 

More importantly - he taught me a lesson about doing your best, vs. doing something less.

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