Sunday, August 7, 2016

Traditions - the third great party of summer

Our family (Beth, Phil and the boys plus Beth's parents and sister) attends four annual parties each summer:

1. The Powers (neighbors of ours) fish fry.
2. Christmas in July (hosted by my in laws).
3. The Craig family reunion (my father in law's side).
4. The Grether family reunion (my mother in law's side).

Each has its own set of traditional activities.

Yesterday was the Craig party.  The tradition, for my older son Kenny and me, is the family poker game.  The weirder the game the better.  At one point we had a game where 3s, 6s, 9s were wild.  A 4 meant you could buy an extra card for a quarter.  If a 10 came up you (first ten) had to match half the pot, or (second ten) were out, or (third ten) had to match half the pot or (fourth ten) were out.

We had another game where we played 7 card stud and if you had a 10 up you were out, but your low hole card was wild.  My father in law got dealt two 10s down... And then a third ten up.

Our summer, and in fact our year is filled with great traditions  Beth, Tom and I go to the Ohio State Fair annually - we have a traditional route that we take at the fair (but we leave options for new things as well).  We have traditions around holidays.

Traditions are great because they bring our family together.  We get to celebrate what's important

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