Monday, August 15, 2016

Turning a mistake into a great thing

On Saturday morning I was in a meeting.  I grabbed a cup of coffee - my second for the day.  I'm allowed up to two cups, but very rarely have more than one.  (Side note - my one is a mug, so it's probably 1 1/2 cups anyway).

As soon as I started drinking the coffee I felt lousy.  I've had the feeling before... It's when I forget my pills.  I messaged my wife "Can you check to see if I forgot my pills?"

The message back:  "Yes.  You forgot them this morning, and all day yesterday."

Meeting over.  I'm heading home.

I took the pills and rested for a while.

I then completely redesigned my morning process.  I basically made it impossible to get my morning coffee without getting my pills.

Sunday evening I ate at my in laws.  They had Lee's Famous Recipe leftovers from a party.  I know Lee's baked beans are salty, but I had some.  Then I had seconds.  Plus cole slaw.

After dinner I immediately took a nap.

When I got home I hit the wall around 10:00, and went to bed.  It wound up being a great night's sleep.

Bottom line:   I got a great reminder just before I take off on a business trip today.  Watch the sodium, watch the caffeine and don't forget the pills.

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